PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT To Connect world foundation for Health & Medical Support To Help BPL children for critically ill patients.

  •  10,000 for 1 Child
  •  20,000 for 2 Child
  •  50,000 for 5 Child
  •  1 Lac for 10 Child

LIVELIHOODS To Provide livelihood Opportunities to disadvantage families.

  •  5,000 for 1 Family
  •  10,000 for 2 Family
  •  25,000 for 5 Family

DISASTER To provide Survival Kits to Vulnerable Families during Disasters.

  •  4,000 for 1 Family
  •  8,000 for 2 Family
  •  20,000 for 5 Family

Women Empowerment / Training for Skill deployment programmes to marginalized woman.

  •  6,000 for 1 women
  •  12,000 for 2 women
  •  30,000 for 5 women

EDUCATION / VOCATIONAL TRAINING To Provide Quality education to girls from disadvantaged families.

  •  3,500 for 1 Girl
  •  7,000 for 2 Girls
  •  17,500 for 5 Girls
  •  35,000 for 10 Girls

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All contribution towards Connect World Foundation are exempted under section 80G Income Tax 1961. All contribution are eligible for 50% save your Income Tax.

Kindly note that the above examples are for descriptive purpose only. They illustrate the change that your contribution can make to the lives of entire families including women and children Connect World Foundation will allocate resource to area where the need is greatest.

Appeal letter from Connect world foundation

Dear Sir /mam
Connect world foundation registered as a trust in Mumbai.regd no -E31381,Working on ending poverty and Social injustice. We do this through well-planned and comprehensive programmes in Health, Education, Livelihoods and disaster preparedness and response our overall goal is the empowerment of women and girls poor and marginalised communities leading to improvements in there lives and livelihoods. In India Connect world foundation focus on the empowerment women and girls because they are disproportionately affected by poverty and discrimination and suffer abuse and violation in the realisation of their rights. Entitlements and access and control over resources. Also experience shows that when equipped with the proper resources, Women have the power to help whole families and enter community's over come poverty, marginalisation and Social injustice, I take this opportunity to introduce to you one of our flagship projects Mission Education Indian is a significant part of Connect world foundation broader Girls Education programme (GEP) which view the education of marginalised and disadvantaged girls as a critical component in the fight against poverty and inequality (MEI) is an innovative model providing alternative Schooling to girls aged 9 to 14 who have either never been to school or who had have to drop out due to Socio-economic reasons.
Through an age appropriate curriculum this girls are fast tracked through the first five years of education in a span of 1 years, On graduation they are eligible for a place in States School (MEI) is unique both in terms of the teaching methods used, and also the relationships developed between the teachers and the students. It's not only provides graduates with educational opportunities, but also empowers them with a sense of confidence in their own abilities,Of the girls who have been enrolled in this residential bridge programme in each of the last 2 years, 98 percent stayed through the years, 95 percent graduate by passing the government's grade 5 examination, 80 percent enrolled in grade 6 to continue their education in form school and 30 percent of the first class went on to complete grade 7.Kindly accept the appeal for the next enrollment as we are running an emergency campaign for the enrollment of another batch of 100 children for education and residential support,
Your support can really make a difference to the society and enlighten the life of a girl.
Child with the gift of education and a secured future. I look forward for your kind hearted gift to children deprived of their basic right and education.
Yours in solidarity with the empowering nation !!
What your support can do ;
Support for 1 girls child till 1 years.
Rupees - 36000. INR
Support for 2 girls child till 1 years
Rupees -72000.INR
Support for 3 girls child till 1 years. Rupees -1,08,000.INR
Support for 1 girls child half years.
Rupees -18000.INR
Projects details :
1) Boarding &lodging of girls & teachers .total cost -17403.
2) Learning materials, book & stationery. Total cost -1210.
3) Capacity building & research. Total cost -1038.
4) Camp support staff. Total cost -15307.
5) Administrative. Total cost -1042. TOTAL cost for 1 girls child education = rupees 36000.INR
All contribute towards Connect world foundation are exempted under 80G income tax 1961.all contribution are eligible for 50% save your income tax.
Contact world foundation 80G . registration no:CIT (E)80G/1718
Pan no: AABTC7770J

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  •   Donation to Connect world foundation are eligible for exemption u/s 80G of income tax Act. 1961. Connect world foundation will send a consolidate recipt and tax exemption certificate at the end of the financial year.